Monday, February 27, 2012

Things Grow in the Desert

The desert can be an arid and desolate place, but it is easy to miss the beauty. Many people miss all the growth that takes place in such an arid place. Could it be the intense conditions that make the growth more amazing?

Like a desert life can be just as intense. I am feeling like I am in the desert, not just physically, but spiritually. I am being tested by the climate of circumstances and unknowns. God is teaching me to rely on Him. He is teaching me to live in the present and enjoy His provision for today and not become disappointed by the unrealized future. This is hard for me because I am future focused. I tend to dream about a brighter future and in doing so I can miss the blessings right in front of me.

The desert has taught me to appreciate the growth in this time of unknowns and realize that growth takes time and requires patience.

"God help me to trust you, even when things are uncertain. I know you use tough times to shape us and bring about growth."

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