Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Conversing with the Masses

Life is a beautiful thing. What I love the most is interacting with people in daily life doing normal tasks and engaging people in conversations. I love to hear people's thoughts on God, Jesus, the Bible, church, etc. The fear of many people (including Christians) is talking to people who think differently.

This blog is a stop and go journey of people's thoughts on faith, God, and life's ultimate destination and then some commentary. Hope it will give you some perspective.


  1. Shannon...great thing you are doing here and glad to see you are willing to debate and listen to others opinion on the subject...
    To get to the point I lost my faith in god long , long ago and doubted his existance shortly after, if there is a god we are not advanced enough to understand him let alone put all our faith in a book, however like many others I do not try or mock others whom believe diffrently.
    Its funny that the very High School we all went to that was created for this purpose did the exact opposite to me and many others that I have spoken to, my experence there was horrible and in many ways you added to that experence.
    Glad to see you are doing well in life and wish you the best with this and everything else you do

  2. Todd,

    First off thanks for responding. Secondly, I was a jerk in high school admittedly. I have had to go back and recount my selfish and hurtful ways, and unfortunately you were one of the people I hurt and mistreated. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. I really am a changed man. I had a hard time at our high school as well, but probably in a different way.

    I questioned Christianity as well with some people at school, but I found that it was bigger than a religion. It really came down to a relationship rather than a religion. Thanks again for being honest with me. I do appreciate that. I just wish I would have been smart enough back then to make things right with people.

  3. The more I read the Bible, the more I know that all of it's teachings, God has already put in us. Not the specifics of the stories, but the message they convey. I've been a follower of Christ for a few years and just started on a mission to read the whole Bible. In this mission, God is reaffirming to me what He already taught me. Yes, I am learning new things by reading it but I would not have been ready to receive these teachings a few years back. I am not judging anyone who doesn't believe. I just want them to experience the amazing love that God has graced us with. Praise to Jesus!