Saturday, December 18, 2010

Riding a Bus is Like Going to Church (part 1)

Imagine for a moment one day being faced with having to ride the bus to your destination. For some people this is a welcomed change, but for others it arises out of an uncomfortable need. Think of the questions that could run through your head...

"Will I even fit in with those people? What if I get on the wrong bus?
"Is it easy to figure out how to get where I need to go ?"
"Will the driver be helpful or judgmental?"
"How and who do I give my money to?"
"Will it be something I become more comfortable with?"
"What will it feel like on the bus? Will it be clean?"
"Who will I sit next to?"

In the next few posts I want to unpack the similarities of riding a bus for the first time and going to church. I will break the posts down into five topics, The Need, Overcoming Fears, First Impressions, Fitting In, and Telling Others.

We can learn a lot about our churches and how visitors feel and then remove some of the barriers that prevent people from coming back.

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